Oat Straw Extract FAQs

Oat Straw Extract, What is it?

Oat Straw ExtractOat Straw extract is the excerpt of the above-ground parts of the oat plant that is left after harvesting.  In other words, this powerful extract is made from the green unripe section of the oat plant conformed by leaves and stems.

Other names for oat straw extract are “green oats extract”, “wild oat extract”, and “Avena Sativa extract” .


What is Oat Straw Extract used for?

Oat straw extract has been used for hundred of years as a brain booster, as a restorative help for the nervous system, and in more recent years, as a sexual enhancement supplement among others.

Recently, Dr. Oz recommended to take Oat Straw Extract early in the morning as a natural energy booster.  One of its most remarkable characteristics as an energy booster is that it is quite effective and it does not contain sugar or caffeine.

The way it works as a energy booster is that, once ingested, it dilates the brain’s blood vessels allowing more oxygen to get to it so the brain can function at full speed.  It also blocks the decay of neurotransmitters in the brain which allows your brain to function more efficiently.


What doses to take of Oat Straw Extract? 

The best recommendation is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions since they come in different ways; powder and liquid most commonly. As a morning energy booster, 2 teaspoons may be added to your coffee or juice.



Oat Straw Extract side effects

There are no known side effects related to oat straw use.  It is recommended to stay away if you are allergic to oat.


Where can you get Oat Straw Extract?

There are multiple online shops selling oat straw extract.  Amazon.com is one of the most visited online places by people looking to buy Oat Straw Extract and other natural supplements.  Click on one of the products below to easily get to the selected Oat Straw product at the Amazon marketplace.