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Oat Straw Extract; Energy in a bottle

Oat Straw

Oat Straw

More and more people are turning to stimulants, such as caffeine, sugar or energy drinks, to obtain an energy boost and improve their mood. These individuals are also more inclined to look towards sexual stimulants to enhance their flagging libidos. The average consumer is then left with a host of products aimed at improving health without addressing the one need that is not taken care of: a healthy brain.

Oat straw extract is designed to address the needs of the brain by increasing neurotransmitter production and enhancing the dilatory effects of brain-feeding blood vessels. These two effects serve to improve mood, protect against inordinate stress responses and increase blood flow to erogenous zones. Each of these benefits has been validated by Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D and other physicians.

Avena sativa is the clinical name for the product colloquially known as oats. The processing of the avena sativa plant results in a residual, unripe section of the plant remaining unused. This green section is dubbed oat straw, and it can be harvested to produce a potent fluid.

The most relevant oat straw extract benefits is the stimulation of libido. Blood vessel dilation has been shown to improve erections and increase feelings of desire in women. Those who take avena to increase libido consistently report higher sex drives. Also, it helps stabilizing and improving one’s mood. Enhanced neurotransmitter production and uptake results in enhanced executive order functioning and slight euphoria. Moreover, when dopamine and epinephrine molecules are elevated in the brain, heart rate increases and sensory experience becomes more vivid causing a substantial energy boost. These effects have been correlated with more productivity.

Although oat straw extract benefits far exceed any possible side effects, those susceptible to certain conditions must still be informed.

Oat straw extract side effects center around the possibility of gluten content. Gluten-sensitive individuals must take care when ingesting avena due to inflammatory symptoms it can cause. Individuals with Celiac disease should be extremely careful when taking oatstraw extract because of the possibility of gluten content. If a gluten sensitivity is suspected, consider alternating usage of avena sativa in order to assess any possible side effects. Some individuals may experience indigestion, nausea, allergic symptoms or other oat straw extract side effects. Those who attempt to increase libido using oat straw extract, also known as avena sativa extract, can sometimes experience contraindicatory effects related to gluten sensitivity, as well.